Bay City Public Schools
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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." ~ Albert Einstein

 Bay City Public Schools

Magnet Gifted Classrooms

The magnet program meets the needs of our most highly gifted students.

  • The magnet program is housed at Kolb Elementary and draws student enrollment from all elementary buildings across the Bay City Public Schools.
  • Magnet classrooms consist solely of identified gifted students.
  • Students are accelerated beyond grade level curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts.
  • Students receive an enriched instruction in Science and Social Studies at their current grade level.
  • STEAM, Physical Education, Media, and Music  Instruction are offered at each grade level.

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Magnet Gifted Curriculum

Grade 1*     Math 2    ELA 2     Science    Social Studies

*The First Grade teacher uses curriculum compacting and other educational strategies to review the first grade Math/English Language Arts Curriculum but focuses instruction on second grade Math and English Language Arts Curriculum.
Grade 2       Math      ELA      Science      Social Studies

Grade 3       Math      ELA      Science      Social Studies

Grade 4       Math      ELA      Science      Social Studies

Grade 5       Math      ELA      Science      Social Studies